Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Coley Rambles On.

So, I'm the worst poster in the world. Sorry. It was a long weekend and it's shaping up to be a way longer week.
So, the big news: we found a place! We signed the lease, we've started moving stuff in. Thank gawd Xtian is a big guy who likes to prove how much heavy crap he can carry. I get to carry a bag of clothing while he carries my dresser (clothing still in it). The place is too cute for words. It's a duplex with a nice backyard (hell yes, my herb garden can expand muwahahahah. No, not that kind of herb you ass. ) the landlord's live across the street, so if I find so much as a single bug, I'll be knocking on their door so they can kill it. It's two bedrooms, with kind of a weird floorplan. You enter the place in the living room, then have to walk through the larger bedroom to get to the kitchen and bathroom (that would be a kitchen with a bathroom down the hall, two rooms, not one as the poor sentence structure would imply.). It's simply adorable.

I can't wait to be rid of my disgusting apartment.


I was at a conference in San Jose yesterday. I wasn't looking forward to it, but at least I wasn't going to be in my office. First, I left with almost 2 hours to get there (40 miles away) and was still 15 minutes late. I hate being late. So I walked into the workshop I was supposed to attend, and everyone turns to stare. I'm obviously the youngest one there by 20 years, and really, the only reason I'm there is because my boss thought it was rude to exclude me from the conference (and he wanted to use up his "training budget"). So it was three hours of containing yawns and pretending I'm interested. Luckily, the afternoon session was cancelled so I was out of there by 12:30.

Since we're moving this week, and only have one cardboard box, I thought buying a few on the way home wouldn't be a bad idea. I buy 10 boxes, hoping for a bundled pack. Nope. 10 individual boxes. I tried to fit them in the cab of my truck, even I could see the potential disaster. But, they wouldnt' fit. "Well," I thought "I'll just throw them in the back with my backpack on top of them. That should work for 40 miles on a freeway."

As soon as my foot hits the gas, the backpack slides off the collapsed boxes. But they look fine, so I hope I can just make it home.
2 minutes later, I'm entering the freeway, as my speed reaches 45 mph, I see that this is not going to work. The top box is hovering in the air (buoyed by the airflow over the cab, and down to the bed) right at the rear-view-mirror level. Awesome. So, realizing I'm about to cause some major traffic issues, I pull over to the side of the highway. With cars zooming by (classic California style, no one budges from their lane, or slows even a bit unless it is to catcall me.) I try to find a way to keep these boxes in the bed of my truck. Finally I have to bend the boxes in a way that gawd never intended and shove them in the truck-cab and get back on the road. I'm now starving so I stop for a little In-N-Out. The line for the drive through is 10 cars long. But, I'm already there, and I'm craving animalized fries. So, after all that, I get home after 2:30. Fuck.

And now it is late. And I am tired. have a fabulous evening. Tuesdays without working Mondays aren't nearly so bad.

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