Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Money, money, money: my least favorite topic ever.

Greetings and howdy-do!

I'm working up the nerve to talk to my boss. We had a meeting last week during which she informed me that my job was going to be even more heavily administrative in the coming months. Yeah, so our coversation from a few weeks ago promising to look for opportunities in my actual field? Just another carrot to keep me hoping. *sigh*
When I was hired, I knew this wasn't in my field. But I took the job with the assurances that this job could be morphed into the position I wanted. "The field is wide open," were the exact terms used. I knew that the occassional administrative task would be expected of me. Fine, what job doesn't have some aspect of that?

A few months go by. All I do is admin work. Fine. I can live with this, afterall, it does pay my bills and provides ample time to look for a job in my field. When Jen left, I agreed to take over her position until they found someone else. I had never done any web work of any kind, and managed to pick it up in about a week. Now, it's about half my job and no efforts have been made to find a replacement. I have almost more work than I can handle, and more bullshit admin tasks are being thrown at me every day. The latest? I'm now in charge of the "onboarding" process. Whenever they hire someone new, I have to do everything to make sure that person has everything they need to do their job. This might sound easy, but when you work in a large organization, everything takes 10-15 days and 43 forms before anyone does anything. Not that I'm bitter.

The new lady boss informs me of this on a Thursday afternoon, when I'm desperately busy and haven't had time to even use the bathroom all day. She stops by my desk to tell me she wants me to "own" the process. I stare at her for a moment in disbelief. Then say fine, like I always do. The next day we have a meeting (even though I've told her time and time again that Friday's are absolutely off-limits for meetings as that is my busiest day) at her request. During this meeting she reiterates that she wants me to take over this task, again I say fine. Then she couches it all in terms of "per my conversations with DW, this is what you were hired for." I finally spoke up here "actually, I was hired under the pretense that my job would have the occassional admin task. Now admin tasks take up half my job and I don't have time for it." But, like always, I lose.

So now, I've decided that I need to talk to her about a pay increase. By not hiring a replacement, and still managing to do two jobs at the same time, I've saved the company a good amount of money. Doesn't it make sense that some of that saved money come my way? It makes sense to me, but I have a feeling I'm absolutely fooling myself. Blah.

Sometimes I like my job.

Sometimes I'd rather slit my wrists with a tape dispenser.

Every day is a crapshoot.

I've mentioned my INSANE landlady before, and here is my latest annoyance:

This woman doesn't cash rent checks for months at a time. The worst was 4 months worth of rent checks sitting uncashed. But I digress.
So, she hadn't cashed a check since July, and Xtian has just started getting paychecks, and hasn't been able to contribute to the household yet, so money has been stretched tightly.

Against every OCD tendency in my body, I dipped into the money in my bank that was earmarked for rent. I took a gamble, and hoped against all hope that she wouldn't cash them until Friday, when I get paid and all would be right with the world again. Of course, she cashed the checks. So, when I looked at my bank account on Tuesday morning, there was a large, negative number in my account balance.


Of course, I have no one to blame but myself. And my punishment: insane overdraft fees which will collect until Friday when my paycheck goes in. I can't wait. Lesson painfully learned.


I'm in a hardcore missing my mama mode. It's only been a few weeks since I saw her, but as I get older, I find myself wanting to spend more time with my mom. While living in Milwaukee, I used to only see my mom twice a year. We talked on the phone at least once a week, but only saw eachother at Christmas and usually in the summer at some point. We still talk at least once a week, but now I see her at least once a month. I think that means I'm officially getting old.


There's a new guy at work. We will call him RC. I think he's trying to be my friend and I am resisting. While I am lonely at work, I also don't know if he can be trusted, or if he's just one of them. If he's just another corporate ladder clutcher who will step on me and play politics, then I'd rather not waste my time. He's not a bad guy, from what I can tell, and his sarcasm is excellent, but Jen set a high standard for everyone who follows.


As if I needed another reason not to swim in the ocean. Seriously, that is totally cool, but totally creepy. *shudder*

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