Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Emotions Overflow, and, as it turns out, I work in Office Space.

So, I've become an obsessive blog reader. I've always loved hearing gossip about people I'll never meet (although, I don't like hearing gossip about people I know peripherally. Weird.), so I guess it all makes sense. There are now about 5 blogs that I can't start my day without reading. Apparantly, I'm also an obsessive double-negative user. Awesome. Whatever, the point is, reading all these other blogs leaves me with little time to write in my own, which is sad. For me. As I've said, this is just free therapy, and usually is in no way interesting to anyone other than me.
New Section of this page: Movies Everyone Else Saw Years Ago Review!
In this section, I will give a quick review of movies everyone else saw years ago.

I finally watched Fahrenheit 9/11. I know, I'm only a year and a half late on this one, but I was living/loving a Republican at the time. I was "forbidden" from seeing it. Normally, once something has been forbidden, I will immediately go out and do that exact thing. But when you are working to hold a relationship together, you make sacrifices for the sake of peace. Thank gawd I'm out of that situation.

Anyhow, back to the point. While I enjoye this movie, I sat through the entire movie waiting to hear anything I didn't already know. Everyone knows most of this stuff. I don't think my reaction is what Michael Moore was going for. I wasn't outraged, I didn't want to get up off my couch and do something about it, I was just dejected.

I majored in PR in college. Which, as my aunt loves to point out, just means that I studied the art of bullshitting. This is somewhat true. However, I have a better command of the English language and understand exactly what words will have the exactly desired effect. So, I'm really good at manipulating. I know this. I make efforts not to manipulate, or to be very aware of how I am manipulating.

Combine this word-nerd-ness with my tendency to speak my mind/heart ad infinitum, and you've got a girl prone to over-emoting. I know I tend to do that. So, with Xtian I've been making this concerted effort to scale it way back. I know he's stressed about moving down here, so I thought that the best way to help was to leave it alone. I've been really non-committal on the whole thing, hoping it would serve to prevent the poor man from freaking out. Thinking that this was going swimmingly, I got a little drunk on Saturday and told him that I was really glad and excited that he was moving in. As soon as it was out of my mouth, a look of pure relief swept his face. Throughout all this, he was feeling like he was making this move and I didn't care. So apparently, I still have no idea how to balance emotions.

Who knew?

Time to get all office space:

So, I've mentioned the counter top portion of my cube at work. This apparently now serves as the mail box. This has been fine, except now I have 9 people who ask, every time the walk by, "Has the mail gone out yet? Has the mail come in yet?" I'm having fun with it. Yeah. Apparently, the mail was not picked up yesterday. The Big Guy who works with the other department was waiting for me when I returned from an all-morning-meeting. "Did she not pick up the mail yesterday?!?" To which I replied "I don't know, is the mail you set out still there?" he nodded. "Then, I guess she didn't." This was not what the big guy wanted to hear.

"You know, it would be nice if they would pick the mail up in a timely fashion. *snort* I mean, come on!" He's looking directly at me, as though he expects me to have the answers, or do something about this. I understand, he was annoyed and just venting. But, really,the mail hadn't been sitting there for DAYS. If you were that concerned about your mail going out, there is a mailbox in the lobby. I sat down and started working, while Big Man raged for a few more minutes behind me. I love my job. Have I mentioned that?

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