Thursday, May 12, 2005


You know what sucks about being all blissed out and in a state of total infatuation? Other people aren't in that state and it brings you down. My entire department at work is FREAKING. I'm making a concerted effort NOT to know what is going on. Everyone is talking in furious whispers behind closed doors, or in hushed but violent sounding tones in the kitchenette. Awesome.

Apparently the vibage is so bad that cookies had to be brought in. You know it's a bad day when suddenly a dozen cookies show up. And where do they get placed? That's right, on my desk. My theory? The office knows that I can eat more than most people should, and so are fattening me up so that I can be "the fat girl" at the office, meanwhile they all are much smaller by comparison. Damn it. I'm already far from thin, and the dozens of chocolatey treats are not helping matters.

Ok, there were approximately 5 more paragraphs in this post that just DISAPPEARED! Egads! I'm so irritated, I just can't recreate it. Best of luck and all that.

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