Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And... more stress

So, without going into details, work is awful. In addition to a rewarding but emotionally gut-punching project, my company is tinkering on the verge of complete dissolution. Can't give more information than that, but as of now, every day we wonder if the checks will continue to clear. So, that's unpleasant, but we're all dealing as best we can.

On the other hand, I've discovered yet another beautiful way to destress that I forgot all about. Now that the weather is PERFECT northern CA weather (delightful 80 degrees, sunny, slight breeze. Also known as HEAVEN), I've remembered exactly how freeing driving with the windows down, singing whatever is on the radio at the top of my lungs can be. This is now added to my daily to do list.

It's the simple things, no?


meghan said...

It's 51 in Milwaukee right now, you can bet I'm loving the perfect NorCal weather. Sorry about all the other crap though :(

Kat said...

Hope you're rocking out to some Journey occasionally! Love you, Sis!