Monday, March 28, 2011

Foray Into Gardening

I think anyone who knows me, knows that I love food. I obsess over food. I read about food. I watch food on tv. I spend a lot of time making food, then more time thinking about what I made, then I make that food again. This nearly dysfunctional interest in food eventually led me to start growing fresh herbs. Anyone who spends any time in the kitchen will tell you that fresh herbs can take ordinary food into some wonderful places. And since I am cheap, I hate buying herbs. They are expensive and always sold in bunches far too large for me to use at once. Inevitably I end up throwing out 2/3 of the herbs I buy. It didn't take me long to start growing my own herbs. Love it. But, aside from the odd tomato plant, or an attempt at green beans, I've largely avoided growing real FOOD.
When Xtian and I bought the house, I knew this was my chance to create an actual garden. One that I would design, build and cultivate 100% start to finish. Xtian and my brother built the first garden box last week. And yesterday, I put in my potato starts. I bit the bullet and purchased 30 different varieties of fruit and vegetables from an heirloom seed company. Those all got their little seedly start in individual pots (until the rest of the garden box is properly set up, at least.) Working on that "Growing Every Vegetable I Eat" goal, I've got: carrots, leeks, chard, beets, onions beginning their germination. I still have dozens of other things to plant, but these needed to be planted ASAP to be in dirt in time for a good growing season.

Now, let's hope I have incredible pictures to show you in a few months, and am soon complaining about all this extra produce! (Wishful thinking? Maybe. But damn it, OPTIMISM!)


Jenn said...

Be's addictive! My garden has, like, octuppled in size since I started it. And I freaking love every second of it! My tiny 2 cents of advice - it's all about the soil. If you want good food you have to feed the food good food too, and that's the soil. Make it awesome!

Have SO much fun. I'm totally jealous that you can get started already! Looking forward to your overflowing baskets of veggies pictures!

jen breese said...

Oh wow. That's awesome. I can't wait to eat/see it. :) It is still way too cold here to start. Sad panda face.