Monday, January 19, 2009

Channeling Julia Childs, as impersonated by Dan Aykroyd

So, last night I was slicing up some homemade hamburger buns (I promise, once you make them yourself you will never go back to storebought) while talking on the phone. Do we all see where I'm going here?
So, the sharpest, most serrated knife in the planet cut the shit out of my left thumb. Some skin-glue and about 30 bandages later, sometime around 10 am, it stopped bleeding. In all honesty, I'm pretty sure it needed stitches. But since insurance ran out, and my new gig only gives you insurance after 6 (SIX?) months, no emergency room for mama. What's the worst that can happen? Will I lose use of my thumb? Or will it just heal like shit?

Either way, it's too late now.

So, we've officially entered Birthday Season. A week from today (so, Jan. 26) is Xtian's birthday. I will be sending him snowboarding for his gift. Happy birthday hon, now get the hell out. Cory will be watching Warren so that Xtian can leave midweek for a jaunt up a mountain, and some family and friends will be joining him. My mother's birthday is next Tuesday (1/27), followed by my sister's on Thursday (1/29), my darling Friend Jen's on Sunday(2/1), my aunt's the Monday (2/2) and mine the next Tuesday (2/3). And that's just the beginning. It never ends.

But I think I have present ideas for everyone except my sister. Hmmm. She's always challenging. Just when I think I have the perfect gift, I don't.

Such is life I suppose.

For my birthday, I have decided that I will go to Guy Fieri's restaurant. Sushi plus barbecue plus huge drinks equals mama's having a good time.


Faith said...

Don't forget mine! Me and the Twin are on 2/8. Yay!!!

I also like skiing vacation packages, in case you were wondering.

Coley said...

Yeah, good luck on that in KC?

Faith said...

Oh whatever. A true internet friend who has never met me, and likely won't for several years would find a way to do it. Nyah. :P