Thursday, September 18, 2008

All before 7:30 am, no less.

Ok, so everyone but me has their cranky pants on today. Sheesh. I guess we can't all just have a nice day together. Ah well, I guess it's my turn. But damn, do I feel chipper today. I've been a little better about getting to bed earlier, and what a world of difference that makes.
Especially with my ridiculously long sleep the night before. I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, so I didn't have to be in the office until later. And my appointment wasn't until 9:50 am. Warren woke up around 4:30 to eat, and since that's about when we're usually getting up in the morning, I fed him and well fell back to sleep. Until 8 am. My lord, that's a lot of sleep since I crashed about 10 pm that night. Deeeeelightful.

This morning, when Xtian woke up, so did the kid. Xtian brought Warren to me, on the couch where I'm still sleeping until the sleep routine is solid. Warren ate and fell back asleep while I got ready for work. As I was finishing up my post-shower routine, I heard Warren fussing so I went to grab him. I found him, eyes closed, standing up against the back of the couch. That scared the crap out of me. He's been sleep crawling for a while yet, but sleep standing? That's new. I guess I'll have to barricade the hell out of him the next time he's asleep on the couch. Woof.

Xtian and I use the kitchen for our dressing/getting ready area in the morning. Since Warren sleeps in our room, it's just easier to not wake him, or the parent who's still asleep, depending on who's up earlier that day. Xtian was long gone, and after I got Warren set up and happily playing, I went to the kitchen to get myself dressed and ready. I turned on the light, and saw, Xtian's wallet. Crap. A quick phone call revealed that Xtian was driving through the Santa Cruz mountains, and while he could probably squeak by without his driver's license, he could NOT be without his company gas card. Shit.

So, he turned around and started heading back toward Oakland, while I threw some clothes on myself, the kid and threw all our crap in the car to deliver the wallet. The trade off happened in a parking lot outside of Hayward. Then I had to drive back to Oakland to drop the kid at daycare, and back the way I'd just come to get to work. Whew. Poor Xtian, what a crummy start to the day. And he's got baby pick up tonight, since I'm going to Sacramento with sister Jenn to have dinner with my mom. Fun for me, rough day for him. Yikes.

So, how was your morning?


jen breese said...

Friday morning, I decided screw it, I'm taking the late train at 8.19. I stayed in bed till 7 and am taking my time. It is totally excellent.

I hope Xtain's is better today!

Faith said...

I don't know what happened to my morning...everything was going well until about 7:25, and then suddenly it was 7:40 and I was still fucking with my hair! Oops! (I think maybe I was abducted. I don't know where that 15 minutes went, honest.)

Thankfully, the boss had a much shittier morning than I did, and he was still at home when I texted him to tell him I was gonna be late. (I didn't tell him I was probly abducted, though. I blamed it on the dogs instead. Much safer route when one doesn't want to appear crazy...)