Friday, June 1, 2007

I've already whined at Xtian and my mom, so now it's YOUR turn.

Preface: I know that I have had a much easier time of things, so far, than most pregnant women ever do. I feel pretty good more often than not. I’m not so tired that I can’t get out of bed in the morning, and I’m fortunate to have passed the twelve week mark safely and with most of my life still in tact. So, I know, I shouldn’t complain as others have had things far worse. And really, I actually WANTED to get knocked up, so some might say that I shouldn’t complain, since I brought it all on myself. (Which leads me to ask, in this line of belief, do only people with unplanned pregnancies get to complain? Or are they precluded because no one MADE them choose to continue the pregnancy? Either way, this is a fucked up belief. I get to complain because I have a mouth, or in this case a computer and fingers.)

Face: A headache woke me out of a dead sleep this morning at 2:30. I stumbled to the bathroom, threw down some Tylenol and went back to sleep. I skipped the gym as my head was still screaming when the alarm went off at 4. I can’t miss work today, so I forced myself to get up and get out of the house at a decent time.

I was stumbling through the necessary tasks at hand and doing ok, when the headache took a turn for the horrible. I ran to the bathroom and promptly dry-heaved for 10 minutes. Pleasant. My question is this: am I dealing with some residual morning sickness? Is this a migraine in the making? Or am I suffering from food poisoning? All of these have their arguments, which I won’t get into for the sake of my distaste for discussing bodily functions. (Yeah, hilarious, I know.)

Either way, I’m blaming Mocha Cub. Well, that’s not fair. MC’s only the size of a freaking apricot right about now. So, I can only blame my fucked up body. Did you know that some people almost never get headaches? I just assumed everyone had them relatively frequently, and just dealt with them better than I.

That is, until Xtian had one. In all the time I’ve known him, he’s had ONE headache. And he whined and complained the whole time. It was actually a good thing, though, as he realized: THAT’S HOW I FEEL AT LEAST 6 DAYS A WEEK!

Since I can’t take any good drugs these days, I’ve decided that whining and complaining will have to take the place of medication. Because seriously? Right now, slow death is sounding like a really good alternative to sitting at work, feeling horrible for another 4 hours.

Postface: I’ve completely run out of steam on writing this. And you’re tired of reading it anyway. So, hurrah, enjoy the weekend. If all works out like I’m hoping, I’ll spend the next two days horizontal on the couch with junkfood. (For reals, did you know that Oreo makes CHOCOLATE CRÈME COOKIES? I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered them. My diet will consist of 25% Doritos, 30% Oreos and 45% greasy takeout. Damn it, now I’m hungry AND nauseous.)

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