Friday, March 16, 2007

Signs of the Inevitable

I forgot to grab something for breakfast this morning. Figuring it would be the only thing I ate until I got to Chico this afternoon, I indulged in a doughnut from my coffee shop. When I got to work, I realized it was a Potluck day. So, I devoured a slice of breakfast pizza, some spinach dip, and about a million crackers with cheese. Yeah, one simple indulgence?

I’ve discovered… I actually really like Fergie’s music. “Glamorous” has been playing in my head on a loop for three days. And yes, I know this makes me a 14-year old girl.

Last night I dreamed I was having a mean, nasty knockdown drag out fight with Xtian in the middle of Target. When I woke up, it took me a few minutes to remember that I’m NOT in the middle of a fight with him. SO, I should probably be nice to him.

My level of irritation with other people is at heretofore-unseen levels. Someone was VERY gassy the other day, and I raged for 20 minutes about the audacity of someone actually farting in my bedroom. Don’t they realize I SLEEP IN THERE!?

I just realized that all this added up, probably means I’m PMS-ing. Spectacular.

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