Monday, September 25, 2006

Assume the worst, and you're always pleasantly surprised

Like all things in my life, the more I dread something, the better it all goes. When Xtian told me his friends were coming down, my whole body stiffened. “Oh, ummmm, cool. I guess,” was all the excitement I could muster. I started actually getting surly about it last Thursday. My mom actually ordered me to back off the whole situation. Even more potentially upsetting? The guys would arrive while Xtian was still at work on Saturday.
You mean I have to be alone with them? But what if they’re mean to me? What if it’s awkward? AAAAAAAGHHHHH!

And then they arrived, and were fun, and pleasant. It felt like back in the day, before Xtian and I had even met, and I could hang with the guys for hours. And have fun!

After a few drinks, we even managed to clear the air around the ickiness. Your classic misunderstanding, followed by miscommunication. We all thought the other person hated us. I still won’t stand for them letting Xtian down. But I think we dealt with that issue a bit as well.
We drank, ate, played board games, drank some more. Some highlights:
  • Trying to get a 4 guys to guess the word Mononeucleosis, and instead having Xtian yell “HERPES,” after I told him that wasn’t it, he waited a moment, then said, louder and slower “HERPES!” Oh you meant herpes? Still not the answer.
  • Me yelling the word “vagina” far more times than was required
  • Alex starting every turn with the phrase “Sometimes, there’s a…”
  • Jeff misinterpreting my movement toward the dryer to put on pants as a request for a hug and snuggle. Nothing better than a pantsless hug, no?
  • Xtian’s fantastic sausage croissants, and pancakes
  • finally figuring out that DRINKING WATER makes the morning after drunkenness to be far more survivable.
  • Alex incredulously asking “so, I like sex with men, and that’s supposed to make me gay?”
  • Ron Polokov (don’t ask. Just don’t…)

Sunday, Xtian took the guys into SF to hang out, wander around. I elected to stay home so that 1) they could get some guy time, 2) I could actually relax a bit, 3) I’m rather lazy and get worn out quickly when I play hostess.

Yeah, so my relaxing Sunday included cleaning the house again, doing pilates, finishing the laundry, doing some prep work for dinner, brushing the kitties, and finally laying down to read/nap for a bit. Overall, a perfect day for me.

I was so pleased that the awkwardness finally left. I know it hurt Xtian that we didn’t get along. He was stuck choosing between his wife and his dearest friends. That’s not a good situation for anyone involved. I became that bitchy, nagging wife I never wanted to be. They became spoiled whiny boys who complained about their friend’s “old lady.” Really didn’t bring out the best in any of us. Oooh, and better yet, I’ve managed to convince the guys that cuddling is totally acceptable in my house. Almost to a creepy degree. But whatever, I’m a touchy feely type.

So either my attention is heightened, or everything in the world is about dying or tragic babies. You know how you buy a red car, and suddenly you notice EVERY red car on the road? Yeah, I’ve got that going but with sadness about babies. I’m reading a great book, and one of the subplots involves this man’s life unraveling after his 3 week old daughter dies from SIDS. The Learning Channel has had nonstop documentaries about babies being born without a jaw bone, or separating conjoined twins, and it’s all horrifying. Even 7th Heaven is against me. (Because it’s all about ME). Supposedly on the season premiere tonight, one of the characters has a miscarriage. OH MY GOD! Make it stop. You know what a woman who is actively engaged in baby-making shouldn’t be watching? ANY OF THAT!
Just awful.

Oh, and my freelance writing gig, just announced that they won’t be paying their writers anymore. Nice. Really freaking nice.

Right, off to actually work for a living.

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