Friday, August 4, 2006

More brief notes, because this is all I have anymore.

In an attempt to be healthier, I’ve committed to taking a daily multi-vitamin. When choosing said vitamin, I grabbed up one that is supposed to aid in weight loss. And I’ve figured out how they achieve this claim: it makes you unbelievably nauseous. Like, running for the bathroom so as not to be labeled the office’s “puking girl.” But, here’s where it’s fun, you won’t actually vomit, because that would cause RELIEF from the insanely bad feeling. Awesome. I’m going to create a “weight loss” pill that just makes you feel like you are dying from dizziness and nausea, and I can claim it will work, because the thought of food brings all those feelings right up to the back of your throat. Damn multi-vitamin.

The first time I experienced this, I thoroughly read the bottle, which informed me that I MUST take it with food. (Usually I’m so iron-gutted that warnings such as “take with food” can be ignored without any discomfort. Apparently this vitamin is an ass-kicker.) So, the next day, I ate my banana, took the vitamin then munched on dry cereal (my breakfast/morning snack of choice lately) while consuming water.
Within 20 minutes, the nausea descended and I cursed the wretched vitamin. But loathe to waste a bottle of vitamins I spent a ridiculous amount of money on (well, for non-euphoria-inducing pills anyway), I decided to experiment. How much and what kind of food would keep the awfulness away.
I tried peanut butter toast, vitamin, fruit; cereal, fruit, vitamin; vitamin, black beans, toast and every permutation possible. Here’s what I’ve discovered. The nausea doesn’t happen so long as you take this vitamin with something really fatty. Whole fat cream cheese, a hamburger, anything covered in melted cheese. It’s all good. But take the vitamin with whole grain bread, organic peanut butter and fruit, and you will wish for sweet death. This will TOTALLY help with weight loss. (note: sarcasm)


Turns out Xtian can be just as insecure and silly as I. Case in point: I’m gong to Chico this weekend to help a girlfriend move. Xtian works on Saturdays so he is not able to join me. Which is a bummer, but it is what it is. Xtian has decided this will be how I leave him. Why does he think this, as opposed to any other time we are apart for a day? Because my wedding ring is in the shop (only two months in and the stone was rattling in its setting, awesome) and therefore I won’t be wearing it this weekend. Yes, because it’s the ring that keeps me from sleeping with anything that moves, and some things that don’t. I’d laugh, but to be honest, I’d probably be WAY more ridiculous were the tables turned.

I’ve been feeling next-to-useless at work the last couple of days. I had a few weeks of really working hard and enjoying it. But, now the work is a little slower, absolutely not deadline driven, and so I have a hard time making myself DO anything. I’m a workaholic, deadline-a-holic and apparently needs the stress to motivate me. So, instead I piddle with graphics, and tweak with brochures and generally get nothing accomplished. But I HAVE to accomplish. I MUST FINISH SOMETHING!

So, how do I deal with this? I put down “blog entry” on my to-do list, write an annoying-ass entry just so I can cross it off.

Also, I just signed my first “Freelance writing” contract. Let’s see how this all pans out. Perhaps I can get myself motivated to write non-sucking material if I’m paid for it. Of course, I could just as soon never publish a thing, let my contract terminate and wander off, following something shiny.

Xtian will kill me for sharing this. But I will anyway. (I’m a terrible wife, it turns out). I was watching TV the other night, and a preview for John Tucker Must Die came on. One of the actresses in the movie was ridiculously familiar, but I couldn’t place her, so I asked Xtian , who was in the other room, who the cute blond in the preview was. He responds quite matter-of-factly “Dean’s wife.” As in from the Gilmore Girls. Yes, a show I make Xtian watch with me every week, and he pretends to hate.
Here’s the funny part, I don’t think I’ve ever made him watch a single episode in which Dean’s wife makes an appearance. I can only conclude, that Xtian now watches Gilmore Girls when I am not around. I love it. I freakin’ love it.

Happy Friday, I’m off to move furniture.

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