Monday, May 1, 2006

He Said, She Said, They Said, I Heard

I’m trying desperately to coordinate all my web clients so that my two weeks off work won’t inconvenience them. But this is harder than herding cats. I can’t get these people to stick to a deadline EVER, let alone when I need all content for the next few weeks. I’m so twitchy at work, I have no idea how I’ll make it to Wednesday. Oh, wait, I know, I’ll write in my blog for a while. Excellent. Enjoy my boredom, folks.

Ah, drunk girls. Really nothing better. Oh wait, except all the girls are wearing glowing bracelets, and rocking cleavage heavy shirts, and one of them is wearing a sash announcing “bride to be” and a shot glass on a necklace proclaiming “I’m tying the knot, so buy me a shot.” Yes, it was rather cliché, but it was also rather fabulous. Completely worth the splitting headache I reveled in all day Sunday. But spending all of Sunday morning snuggled between two girlfriends is a wonderful thing. Do it. Right now. Seriously.

So, we’re under two weeks until W-Day. All the important stuff is in place. A few more details to iron out, and we’ll be all set to enjoy and let it flow.

A few rough spots: Xtian’s mother, and complainers. I will explain.
Xtian’s mom is proving to be more than “isn’t that funny, she’s a little bit off.” She’s more “potentially scary, this lady is very, very off.” I don’t know how we’re going to handle her shenanigans, but for now, Xtian is dealing with his family, and I’m dealing with mine. Who knew I got the sweet end of that deal?
Complainers: If I hear one more person complaining about how “inconvenient” the wedding is (be it date, time of day, location, etc) I’m going to slap the shit out of them. I may just be a little sensitive, but it’s really rude, and I’m starting to get a little hurt. Yes, I understand that people have other plans that might not work well with the date. But you know what? You don’t have to attend. We’ll miss you. BUT, don’t ask me to move the date; don’t ask me to change the time. If you don’t like how it’s coming about, PAY FOR IT! If you aren’t willing to pay for it, you no longer are entitled to an opinion. Now shut the hell up.

Whew, it feels better having said that.

My girl Jen is back from her trip to Disneyland with her niece, nephew and sister. And, promptly got sick. Poor little love bug! I’ve missed her over the past few days. We don’t work together anymore (she got out, lucky devil), but we instant message throughout the day, so it feels less lonely. And then I’m going to be out for two weeks. My IM skills are going to suck.

Ok, I should actually attempt to look busy for a while. Day’s almost over. You think it’s appropriate to spend the rest of the afternoon looking for music during the wedding ceremony? Me too.

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