Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Coley's in Heat, or something....

The dreaded plague is starting to fade, and I'm almost a fully functioning human again. It's trying to rally the troops, but my immune system is so pumped up with Vitamin C I'm pretty sure it would repel cancer right now. *knock wood*

The nice thing about being so wrung out for so long, and starting to feel good again is sex. And lots of it. Sorry to get all personal here, but that's pretty much where all my time is going lately. Last night's schedule: Get home, start dinner, bed, eat dinner, bed, eat dessert, watch a little Sex and the City, in bed by 8:30 pm, asleep after 12 am. If everyone in the world could have this kind of evening every day we'd all start to "just get along." Freaking fantastic. I'm pretty sure nothing can bring me down today. I wholly overdrew on my bank account, and I just don't care. I can't get stressed about it, I keep having flashbacks to last night, and nothing can be bad. *sigh* Finally, a partner who can keep up with me.

I had a fabulous weekend with Jen. Friday she came over to check out my new digs, eat awesome pizza and watch Bewitched. We sent Xtian to get the pizza, and had some fabulous chick time.
Saturday Jen and I went to the Dicken's fair, which was such a blast. We giggled non-stop throughout the Ladies' Oratorical and *ahem* Recreational Society (read: prostitutes) singing bawdy songs. We wandered around the shops, wished we had more money and realized that the Dicken's Fair was invented to give all the Rennaissance Fair types something to do in the Winter. You gotta love "Period Dorks." Too much fun.
I found a few things I would have loved to get for my family and friends, but each individual item costed my entire Xmas budget. So, I respectfully declined. I was amazed that some people were willing to shell out $400 for a knife. Granted, a very nice knife, but man, $400??? That covers most of my bills for a month.
I always have such fun with Jen. Just the right mix of silliness, bitchiness and lecherousness. Most of our fun usually comes from people watching. And there was some good people watching to be had at the Dicken's fair.

Xtian's been off work for the last few days and so has been doing all the household work and errand-running. Last night he decided he wanted to make dinner. A stroke of pure genious:
He stuffed pork loin chops with risotto, cheese and sauteed onions. I'm telling you, that kid is coming along in the cooking department. I may be out of a job soon. Yeah, right, like I'd relinquish control of my kitchen that easily.

It's time once again for Coley Reviews Movies Everyone Else Saw Months Ago!
In today's episode, we'll discuss the new Bewitched. I went into this movie assuming it would be one of the worst movies of all time. I've now decided this is how I will walk into every movie from now on. While this clearly was not a "good movie" it had it's moments. It was cute, Nicole Kidman played the Marilyn Monroe-type ditz who gets her way very well. Shirley Maclaine and Michael Cane stole the show, as per usual. And Will Ferrell was funny, but not too obnoxious. Overall, worth watching if it's there, but nothing I'll go out of my way to see again. Just a cute no-brainer of a movie. And let's be honest, sometimes that's exactly what you need.


I'm out of stuff to say now. I'm going home.

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