Friday, November 18, 2005


Last night, my work computer was supposed to be replaced. It was planned to the tiniest detail. Weeks of preparation were involved. All my files were backed up, I had all the software ready to be reloaded. Notes were left.

When I arrived this morning, there was no new machine. The old machine was still here, but no new machine. My desk had been rearranged, there were crumbs all over the floor. Something was done, but not replacing my computer. Other's were having issues form the upgrade as well, so I just assumed they'd run out of time.

Finally the guy calls me over and asks what's going on with my machine. I tell him that I was suppesed to get a new one, and didn't. He reads a note the technician left: the new computer was delivered, the client took it home.

Me being the client. Zah? I spend a few minutes explaining that no, I didn't get the new computer. Why was this note saying that I had? Finally it occurs to me. There's an empty Dell box sitting in my cube. It goes to a new laptop I'm in charge of. This asshole honestly thought I'd lugged a dell desktop computer home. I love having my ethics and honesty questioned, and instead of writing it like a question, they stated it like a fact. I can't wait to see this on a performance review. Just spectacular.

So another 3 rounds with the tech guy (not the one who made the note) explaining, and in fact showing him the laptop, which was locked in a cupboard at my desk. The box even says "laptop" this guy didn't even bother to read the box, and just assumed I'd stolen a computer. Fucking awesome.
I hate people.

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