Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Anyone interested in an afternoon quickie?

Quickie entry:
  1. Migraines suck. I spent Sunday doped out of my mind (yet still drove home from Chico. Who's the bright girl now?) and Monday so wrung out I could barely hoist myself out of bed. I was so exhausted that I couldn't sleep last night, which only adds to the ongoing hell for a third day. Huzzah.
  2. My little sister is hard core. She plays field hockey, a sport so physical and burly they had to put the players in skirts to try and remind them they are still girls.
  3. Xtian has the patience of a saint. My pmsy/moody as all hell self has been intolerable for the last few days and he still loves me and tells me I'm pretty. And he didn't even mind that I made him have sex with me for the sole purpose of reducing my premenstrual cramps. He's fabulous. Nice boyfriends rock.
  4. I hate the first day of the week. Why does everything always break on the first day of the work week? I've received no fewer than 12 phonecalls with someone bitching at me for something over which I have no control. Super dooper.
  5. I'm still a lucky ass bitch. I complain often, but I'm unbelievably fortunate in every aspect of my life. This is something I'm trying to be more cognizant of. (Yeah, I know, dangling participles be damned!)

Have a wonderful evening everyone. Keep our dirty south in your thoughts.

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