Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Coley: Master of All Things, or so it would seem

Just need a quick Vent:

Why is it that everyone I work with (except for Jen, that is) thinks I am the fixer of all things Fixable? My degree is in public relations, I work on a computer all day. So clearly, I know why some random dude's computer's internet connection isn't working. I know how to do one thing to fix computer's. Restart. If Restart doesn't solve it, I'm out of ideas. I've tried explaining this to my coworkers, but without fail, some asshole keeps telling all the new people, "Oh, ask Coley, she can fix everything." I don't know how this misinformation keeps getting circulated. I've never been able to fix anything. Everytime anyone asks me how to fix something, I hit Restart. Sometimes that fixes it. Usually it doesn't. ARGGHHH!

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